Public Health & Crisis Courses Offered Jointly by Thammasat-Global Health & ADPC

Starting in May 2017, the Faculty of Public Health at Thammasat University in collaboration with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) will open its courses on Public Health and Crisis to external candidates. These courses are an elective component of the MPH curriculum and consists of four linked courses, each of which lasts one week. External candidates have the opportunity to join the whole course or to choose specific modules which suit their learning needs.

The dates for the course are:
1. Public Health and Natural Hazards 29 May - 02 June
2. Public Health and Conflict 05 June - 09 June
3. Outbreaks and Epidemics 12 June - 16 June
4. Public Health, Technological Hazards and Mass Casualty Management 19 June - 23 June

For more information, please click HERE for an electronic brochure, or visit the ADPC website http://www.adpc.net/igo/contents/Training/training-schedule-event.asp?pid=1179