One Health & ECO Health

Prof. Dr. Orasa Suthienkul is heading the One Health/Eco Health team at the Faculty of Public Health, Thammasat University. One Health/Eco Health aims to advance evidence, practice, and knowledge integration at the interface of ecology and health by conducting quality research that address new ideas and developments. Eco Health encompasses research that integrates concepts and theory from many fields of scholarship (including ecological, social and health sciences, and the humanities) and draws upon multiple types of knowledge, including those of relevance to practice and policy. Our research addresses integrated ecology and health challenges arising in public health, human and veterinary medicine, conservation and ecosystem management, rural and urban development and planning, and other fields that address the social-ecological context of health. The research unit is a platform for fulfilling the mission of the FPH OIP to strive for sustainable health of people, domestic animals, wildlife, and ecosystems by promoting discovery, understanding, and trans-disciplinarity.