Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy

This 60-year-old university has trained more than 9,000 medical doctors in Vietnam. In addition to its primary focus on medical and pharmaceutical education, the university continually seeks to expand its academic frontier to other health-related areas, such as mental health, environmental health, and community health promotion. The Faculty of Public Health at Thammasat University also shares this common philosophy through its diverse educational programs, ranging from community health to occupational and environmental health. Thammasat University and Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy officially started their academic partnership in 2015 with a memorandum of understanding that enlisted a number of future collaborative activities between the two institutions. In September 2016, this MOU materialized when Thammasat University welcomed a group of undergraduate students from Hue University to our campus. 

If you wish to explore more about our partner university from Vietnam, their website is http://huemed-univ.edu.vn/?lang=en.