Office of International Programs


The Faculty of Public Health's Office of International Programs (OIP) is home to various research and academic service units as well as its international graduate study programs. Academic initiatives such as: the Center for Global Health and Development or the One Health Research and Education Center are front runners in global public health within Thailand, Southeast Asia and beyond with a track record of excellent research on determinants of the public’s health, student centered teaching and learning, and academic services relevant to practice settings in an era of globalization. OIP enjoys a unique position of being a regional and global focal point for Thammasat University’s Faculty of Public Health with collaborative relationships with academic, professional, and citizen communities. In an increasingly globalized world characterized by profound and rapid change our passion to advocate for the public’s health combined with our expertise in research, teaching, and service to society is more important than ever. We are devoted to our mission of education, research, service and intercultural dialogue; and do not view these as separate domains, but recognize the importance of the intersections of education, research, service and inter-cultural dialogue.

Our Vision

Become a national and international academic resource recognized for its commitment to advocacy for the public's health through higher education, research, and promoting evidence-based practice.

Our Mission

Being an academic institution, that promotes life-long learning and knowledge creation, to inform the need for public health practice in the 21st century.

Our Values

At the FPH-OIP we view the interplay between health determinants to be the driving forces of inequities in health outcomes. We regard the unfair distribution of these determinants within and across societies a major obstacle in achieving population health and well-being.

Our Mandate

The FPH-OIP offers international graduate education programs in occupational, environmental and global health employing a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. Our research agenda is organized in clusters relevant to and in support of our graduate education. We serve society through our partnerships and collaborations with communities, civil society, academia, public, and private sectors. As the Faculty's international initiative we value and foster cross-cultural respect.