The South East Asian Public Health Educational Institutes Network (SEAPHEIN) facilitates collaboration among its member institutions and coordinates efforts to develop a process of strengthening capability throughout the region. SEAPHEIN promotes technical activities, including educational system reform, workforce development and collaborative research between and among network members. Specifically the network undertakes activities to develop training partnerships between member institutions, promote novel approaches education/training program provision, standardize curricula and assist in the development of country plans and strategies. These efforts enhance national, regional and international involvement in the activities of public health institutions and subsequently, result in strengthened public health education and networking in the region. As a member, the Thammasat University’s Faculty of Public Health is participates periodical in consultations and enjoys collaboration various members in the Southeast Asian network


Strengthening public health education through networking is a key strategy to assist public health education institutions within Thailand. THAIPHEIN offers a networking opportunity for Schools of Public Health and related institutions in Thailand. As an active member of the network the Thammasat Faculty of Public Health involves in professional–related achievement, technical cooperation, faculty/student exchange and training opportunities.